Milena Joy Stylist + Empire Builder + TV Personality - Milena Joy

Milena Joy Stylist + Empire Builder + TV Personality

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  • October 15, 2012

Smart Cookie Star Milena Joy – Stylist + Empire Builder + TV Personality

Meet Milena Joy, one of North America’s most sought-after personal stylists. From an ultimate low, Milena tells us how she created one of the most successful personal stylist brands in the country, and how she caught the attention of MTV and the producers at CBS.

Q: Where were you in your life and what gave you the courage to start Milena Consulting?

A: In 2007, I was working with my husband’s family selling luxury real estate. I found myself getting my marriage annulled and suddenly out of a job. I had nothing. It was right when the real estate economy was tanking and starting my own real estate practice didn’t excite me. I loved running my own business, being in charge of my own time and income, but I didn’t actually like showing homes. I decided to explore my options. Going back to corporate America wasn’t an option for me because I needed to be in charge of my own destiny.

When asked by a life coach what I would do if I could do anything – education, income, experience aside – what would I do? I immediately said, “I’d be a personal shopper”. However, I didn’t think I could make money, much less a living or business out of it. But after doing my research I found the Association of Image Consultants International, and then a training program that I would then attend, the Image Resource of New York. The ironic part is that 4 years earlier, prior to meeting my husband, I wanted to get out of corporate work. A friend asked me the same question…and I had the same answer. Only this time I did something about it!

So was she successful? (spoiler alert, YES!) Click here to learn more about what Milena shared with us; how she hustled her way to incredible success, and where she found her most unexpected opportunity.

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