When's the Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home?




Did you know that January and February are the biggest months for corporate relocation? What does that mean for real estate? That means selling your home in the fall and winter, might not be such a bad deal.

If you think about relocation people, they need to find a home fast, and they really have a small window to do that before they have to be settled and working at their job. And certainly, there are fewer buyers but those buyers that are out there looking in those months, are actually more serious [buyers].

This can be really beneficial to someone who maybe has a home that has a funky layout or there's just something a little bit unusual about it. Instead of your home being buried behind all the other listings that are popping up in the springtime, your home can be put front and center, and actually get more attention.

Another interesting fact is that a majority of babies are actually born in September. So what happens is you have an influx of families looking to move up and get into a bigger home in that January, February time frame.

The other thing that happens in January, is people want to start the year off fresh. They want a new home, they want a new job, they want to go to the gym for the first time, they want to start a diet. All of those things happen and kick-off in January, even though you can do them all year round.

The point of all of this is that there's no one best time of year to sell your home. The right time for you is going to be when you can build wealth, and/or improve your lifestyle. There's always an opportunity to attract the right buyer to your home. Thanks for listening. I'm your Realtor, Milena Joy. I know changing where you live, can change how you live.